Warranty Info

Warranty Registration

All Athens Archery bows come with a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturer defects. The warranty is fully transferable and is valid regardless if the bow was purchased new or used.

Athens Archery will repair and/or replace, at their sole discretion, those found to be defective. This warranty does not cover bow strings or the bows finish. This warranty does not cover the cost of shipping incurred for the purpose of inspection and validation of the claim for the repair or replacement of the bow. All shipping costs shall be the responsibility of the purchaser. All bows suspected of needing warranty action must be shipped directly to Athens Archery. The shipping charges must be pre-paid by the shipper. Athens Archery will not accept collect shipments.

Replacing factory strings and cables with aftermarket strings and cables could alter the performance and specifications of the bow. Athens Archery is not liable for any changes that may occur from replacing the strings and cables.

This warranty becomes void if the product is mishandled, altered, abused, misused, damaged in transit, or damaged by an act of God, or declaration of war. This warranty becomes void if anyone other than an authorized Athens Archery personnel attempts to repair the bow. All work must be performed at an Authorized Athens dealer or by the manufacturer. Athens bows can only be pressed in limb tip compression bow presses. For an example of a limb tip bow press, refer to www.lastchancearchery.com.

The above warranty constitutes the complete warranty by Athens Archery and there is no other agreement either written or implied. No person is authorized to modify this warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights which may vary from State to State.