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Brand new this year is the 2019 Athens RIDGE 32.  Built off from the heritage of the Athens Accomplice 32 bow that put Athens on the map for quality and consistency in a bow.

  • ATA:  32”
  • Brace Height:  6 ¾”
  • IBO:  340fps
  • Draw lengths from 25-30”
  • Draw weights from 40-70lbs
  • 80-90% let off
  • Mass Weight:  4.3lbs

Shipping Estimated 2-4 weeks. 

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Brand new this year is the 2019 Athens RIDGE 32.  Built off from the heritage of the Athens Accomplice 32 bow that put Athens on the map for quality and consistency in a bow.  The 2019 RIDGE 32 features an impressive 340fps on a 32” axle to axle bow with a 6 ¾” brace height and split limbs.  Continuing the legacy of the Athens, this bow features a 90% let-off that makes it an incredibly comfortable, accurate and stable bow which is incredibly silky smooth and easy to shoot.  This new 2019 RIDGE 32 design is a breakthrough change as Athens continues to look to the future of the archery world. 

Strings: All 2019 Athens Archery bows come equipped with GAS Premium High Octane Strings. All GAS bowstrings and cables are pre-stretched with the GAS proprietary Total Tensioning System (TTS) to ensure zero string creep, peep rotation and serving separation. This process is unlike many bowstring manufacturers, who simply stretch their strings and cables at a set weight. By tensioning their strings throughout the entire building process, GAS create superior stability and zero movement in the final product.  GAS High Octane Strings developed for Athens Archery will come standard with BCY 452X string material.  

RIDGE 32 Specs:

  • ATA:  32”
  • Brace Height:  6 ¾”
  • IBO:  340fps
  • Draw lengths from 25-30” in half-inch increments
  • Draw weights from 40-70lbs
  • 90% let off
  • Mass Weight:  4.3lbs

New this year:

  • New colors and Kolorfusion for maximum durability and camouflage quality
  • GAS Premium High Octane Bowstrings (black & silver with clear halo serving)
  • 65lb weight option
  • Dual sight holes for more adjustability

Color Options: All bows include black limbs by default.  Camouflage or carbon fiber decorated limbs available at an additional cost.

REALTREE EDGE Camouflage Pattern © 2016 of Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd, all rights reserved.

Additional information

Weight 4.3 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 15.5 × 3.5 in
Bow Hand

Right, Left

Draw Length

25", 25.5", 26", 26.5", 27", 27.5", 28", 28.5", 29", 29.5", 30"

Draw Weight

40 lb, 50 lb, 60 lb, 65 lb, 70 lb

Limb Color

Textured Black, Flat Dark Earth (+$25), Realtree Edge (+$25), Kuiu Verde (+$25), Kuiu Vias (+$25), Carbon Fiber (+ $25), Pearl White (+$25), Anthracite Grey (+$25)

Riser Color

Realtree Edge, Kuiu Verde, Kuiu Vias, Textured Black, Flat Dark Earth, Titan Red, Pearl White, Flag Blue, Anthracite Grey

6 reviews for RIDGE 32

  1. gclubb02 (verified owner)

    The Ridge 32 is a sweet shooter. Smooth to draw, quiet, and accurate. This bow does it all and them some. With a 6-3/4” brace height it is forgiving, but it still has plenty of speed. The very first two shots out of my bow were perfect bullet holes through paper. 72.2lb draw and 11.0lb hold equals about 85% letoff, and was getting 274fps with a 450gr arrow at 28” draw which is plenty of snot for anything that walks this earth. Kolorfusion and Gas strings are top notch and the verde 2.0 finish is perfect. Could not be happier with the bow. Athens really outdid themselves with this one!

  2. Jerry Burris (verified owner)

    First impression out of box on r 32 , the bow was perfect riser gray and powder coated limbs no imperfections anywhere, once setup within 10 shots nail driving.Bow is very quiet and smooth compared to any other bow I have shot

  3. mpenteco3

    Received my bow yesterday morning and couldn’t have been more pleased. First off, the kolorfusion finish is amazing. After taking setting it up, had it paper tuned in about 5 shots. The GAS bowstrings are the best strings in the business. Couldnt be happier with this bow. Can’t wait to get it in the woods. Perfect hunting bow

  4. jnjburton (verified owner)

    Amazing bow with a buttery smooth draw. This thing holds steady, is super quiet, and vibration free, couple these things with the best warranty in the business and you can’t go wrong! Thank you Athens for making such awesome products!

  5. TheMichiganMan (verified owner)

    I received this bow about a week ago and out of the box I was blown away by the kolorfusion on it. The verde2.0 riser is gorgeous. I just got done setting it all up, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Quiet, dead in the hand, and was hammering shots immediately. The draw on this bow is incredible, I ordered 65lbs limbs and when we pulled it on the scale it was pulling 72lbs but felt like a 60lbs bow. Not sure if the limbs and string need to break in a bit and I’ll see draw weight closer to my specs. Can’t wait to compete this year in indoor, and take this bad boy out into the woods.

  6. Keith Lageman (verified owner)

    After owning the Revelation 6 for the last 2 years I didn’t think that Athens could improve on it. Boy was I wrong!! The Ridge 32 is an amazing example of perfection in a bow. It has a very smooth draw, is dead stable at full draw, has a solid, solid back wall, it’s extremely well balanced and the finish is top notch. Before I shot Athens I was hesitant because they didn’t have the “big name” but I am so happy I tried them. I may have found my favorite bow company. I can’t find a flaw with this bow and believe I’ve looked. I couldn’t be any more satisfied.

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